Bread flour 5.68 lb. 100%

Water 3.86 lb. 68%

Salt 2 oz. 2%

Yeast 2 oz. 2%

Extra virgin olive oil .29 lb. 5%

Biga Bread flour 1.14 lb. 100%

Water .68 lb. 60% Yeast .2 oz. .2%

Total 1.82 lb.

Final dough using biga Bread flour 4.54 lb.

Water 3.18 lb.

Salt 2 oz.

Yeast .068 lb.

Extra virgin olive oil .29 lb.

Biga 1.822 lb.

1. Biga: Mix all ingredients, cover, and ferment 12 to 16 hours at 70°F.

2. If making without biga use overall recipe which has a slightly higher yeast proportion.

3. If using biga, use recipe for final dough with biga.

Note: Mix flour, biga, and water for 1 minute on speed one; allow for 15 minute autolyse.

Add yeast and salt and mix on speed two for 5 minutes.

Add oil slowly over 2 additional minutes of mixing.

Bench proof for 45 minutes.

Scale into rounds of 4.5 pounds (18 X 4 ounces) and relax in refrigerator.

Cut dough in divider and round each piece.

Spray dough with pan release to protect and refrigerate immediately.

Allow to proof in refrigerator a minimum of 12 hours or maximum of 20 hours (otherwise you might have to adjust the amount of yeast).