Vegetable Spring Rolls

Recipe: Vegetable Spring Rolls


  • 1 oz Cellophane noodles – soaked in warm water for – 20 min, drained and – chopped fine 2 Squares bean curd – finely chopped 3 sm Potatoes; peeled and – cut paper thin with a – peeler and then shredded 1 tb Tree ears; soaked in – warm water 20 min, – drained and chopped
  • 1 c Bean sprouts
  • 1 md Carrot; peeled paper thin, – cut into 1 inch sections – and shredded 1 White part of leek; chopped
  • 1 ds Black pepper
  • 10 Dried rice papers – (banh trang) 2 c Peanut oil


  1. Combine all ingredients except rice papers and oil. Cut the rice papers into quarters. Wet the surface of each paper with water (use your fingers or a brush) and within about 1 min the paper will become flexible enough to be filled. Place about 1 tbsp of the filling on each paper and roll. Heat the oil in a wok to about 350 deg. F.
  2. Place rolls, flaps-down, into oil and cook 20 min (10 min each side), until completely done.

Number of servings (yield): 4

Meal type: snack

Culinary tradition: Chinese

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